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Patience is the art of waiting
for unexpected things to come.
Big eyed wonder, contemplating
upon a thought of deep reform.

If left rejected or behind
it cannot nurture, bind or tend.
If penetrated in the mind
kings and rulers it befriends.

Patience comes from deep within,
a stored up treasure,
not a whim,
bound within the hearts of men.

Copyright ©2001by   ~Nancy Carico Dittert

                LITTLE THINGS
   Sometimes we think little things
   don't count for much at all.
   We've not considered the Oak
   that stands so great and tall.
   It flourished from an acorn
   so very quaint and small.

                         I think of how Mt. Rushmore
                         began with just a thought,
                         but with the artists hand
                         a mighty mount was wrought.
                         Like a baby in a manger
                         salvation for us was bought.

I then ponder one small stone
that flew from Davids hand.
It hit Goliath in the crown
taking down a giant man.
The stone was small, the giant tall,
but it started from a plan.

                   Remember little things we do
                   may not seem great at all,
                   but when things come together,
                   a tree is very tall,
                   a babe is born to save the world,
                   small stones make giants fall.

Copyright ©2001 by~  Nancy Carico Dittert

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Love is a nectar, sweet warm and true,
a flower in bloom, a touch of morning dew,
a babies breath that smells of mothers milk,
wings of a butterfly, very much like silk.

Love is the mountains standing tall and proud,
the people they hold, and the peace they've found,
the brooks and streams that caress the hills,
sweet country air as every nostril fills.

Love is a thought that lingers in the mind,
childhood memories of another day and time,
a touch, a feeling, a gentle word so kind.
For love is stored witin the realm of time.

Copyright ©2001 by~  Nancy Carico Dittert
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