Hello to all this evening.  I wanted to try to quickly tell you about my kids.  When I was younger I had a nurse coming to see me three times a week for about 8 yrs. 

She was pretty regular and we became good friends.  She was a lovely Christian young woman and  then she told me that she was expecting.  I thought for sure this would mean the end of our relationship. 

She did not live that far from me, and when the baby was born she called me and asked me if I would like to come over and see her baby girl Lauren. 

I was able to wheel to her apartment from mine in my wheelchair.  I love all babies but this one was special because of the relationship I had with her mother.  Leona (my nurse asked me if she went back to work would I be willing to baby sit for her).

Well her husband didn't know me and he wasn't so sure. I had them over for dinner and I fed and changed the baby and did all the things for her. 

So at the end of the evening Don said she can have her anytime she wants her.  He was so sure I would be great with his first baby daughter. 

Well I baby sat for them for the next 16 years, and did everything meals, home schooling. They had three girls and a boy and I looked after them all. 

I was with them a lot so they became my kids.  They know even today I call them my kids and thats ok with everybody.  It was a miracle to have me in a wheelchair looking after the children but it was wonderful. 

God is so good.   He met a need I had because my maternal instincts are so strong.  I praise him for that time in my life every day. It was so special. 

Thanks for listening.

Group Moderator ~Peggy Riley
Fibro/Chronic Pain Support Group Ministry

Our dear Peggy lives daily with Spina Bifida and she is a real blessing to our Chronic Pain Support Group Ministry.
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