Dedicated to my true love Patrick

   The sea breeze tosses my hair
   as if not even aware.
   Salty mist playing with the strands,
  as time lingers on.

        Oh, the sweet scent.
       How I long to sink my toes
            in the sands of time,
             but no one knows.

   That is except you, my love.
   You take me there.
   where time is not our enemy,
   and life is always fair.

  Copyright ©2001 Nancy Carico Dittert



She stares at me through eyes that are dim.
You wonder what she is and where she's been.
She doesn't really see me.
Is there anyone there?

The table is set and with the finest of fare,
And you smile at her to show that you care.
But no one smiles back.
Is there anyone there?

I want to break through walls that are stone
But the lady doesn't live here anymore.
How can I get to her?
Is there anyone there?

The nursing home is her prison.
But she has found a better place to live.
I won't get to her
because she is gone.

Copyright ©2001 Nancy Carico Dittert


                       JUST DO IT!

        When times are rough
        stick your chin up
        and get tough.

        When your on the spot
        and things get hot
        give it all you've got.

        When you feel you've been took
        by a big bad crook
        just read the Book.

        When good friends are rare
        and it's just not fair
        End up in Prayer.

  Copyright ©2001 Nancy Carico Dittert

                         PILGRIMS DAY

       In climbing up my mountain high
       I pause to watch a lark in flight.
       Delighted pilgrim she does seem;
       Ne'er once she stops to look at me.

        Swiftly I climb, not looking back,
        heading for the narrow track.
        If scarcely the righteous enter in,
        I must not stumble at a bend.

      Now and then rocks hurt my feet,
       I mustn't let them bother me.
        At my journeys end I meet
      a friend with nail scarred hands and feet.

      I peer into a crystal lake,
      so pure and clean my breath doth take.
      Flowing smoothly beyond all dreams;
      At last I drink bountifully.

     Copyright ©2001 Nancy Carico Dittert


                   ULTIMATE SACRIFICE

     The Father looked upon his son.
     The tears filled in his eyes.
     He said I have to let you die.
     to save a lost mankind.

     I have to let you suffer pain.
     The nail scars in your hands
     will be scars of eternity,
     to save an earthly man.

     My son I have to turn my back
     so the world may see,
     the precious blood that you will shed
     will cleanse and make them free.

     The son looked upon his father
     and said "thy will be done."
     The cross he bore, the throrns he wore.
     The victory was won!

   Copyright ©2001 Nancy Carico Dittert


                          LIVE LOVE

         Live love to its fullest.
         Breathe it, smell it, taste it.
         Many have searched.
         Seekers are profound,
         but you have to live it
         to find it.

         Where is it you say?
         I can's see it, smell it, or taste it.
         I seek truth you say.
         Have you touched the babies face?
         Have you considered the creator?
         Have you touched the human race?

         Yes I see what you mean.
         Oh yes. I do see it now.
         The mystery I was seeking
         was no mystery at all.
         How could I have missed it?
         It's been here all the time!

   Copyright ©2001 Nancy Carico Dittert


                   DEDICATED TO MY SWEET DADDY
                                   SAMUEL CARICO
                         WHO IS NOW WITH JESUS

When Spring breathes its breath upon the earth,
she sings a lovely song of life and birth.
Just about the time you know shes here
she leaps into summer while shedding April tears.

Then Summer floats in on a lazy cloud
leaving Spring in its tearful shroud.
Summer is warm and content and new
bringing lifes harvest before she is through.

Autumn curtseys at Summers sheer delight
as she blossoms in the stillness of the night.
This season of life is slowing down a bit
as she takes her time and then decides to sit.

Winters chill has now at last set in.
Life itself has become it's own best friend.
While many think that this is now the end.
Spring bursts forth to touch the earth again.

  Copyright ©2001 Nancy Carico Dittert

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God loves you! : )God loves you! : )God loves you! : )
God loves you! : )God loves you! : )God loves you! : )God loves you! : )
God loves you! : )God loves you! : )God loves you! : )
God loves you! : )God loves you! : )
God loves you! : )
God loves you! : )God loves you! : )