We all miss the world that stood for a solemn vow

to stand for God and make the earth better somehow.

This country started with a strong and weary hand

to make a better place for woman, child and man.

A real wedding with man and woman united as one.

Not immoral weddings, man with man or woman with woman.

A baby was a precious life treasured by one and all,

within or without the womb was protected by the law.

When one was distressed they didn't down illegal drugs or pills.

Prayers were offered that made the heart still feel.

The feelings in one's heart was good and kind and strong.

All knew when right was right and wrong was wrong.

Children came home from school to enjoy a family meal.

Around the table Mom and Dad were loving and real.

Before bed folded hands reached to the only Holy God.

When children erred parents didn't spare the gentle rod.

Bible was a word that wasn't to be hid from school.

God's Word and the Pledge was the best golden rule.

Crimes, alcoholics and gangs rarely made one fall,

Because church bells rang to proclaim Christ is Lord of all.

When I think of those days and times that have gone by

It brings a haunting sadness and tears to my eyes.

But then I look at the clouds above and think of a holy dove

And I sense God's Son is coming for all that He knows and loves.

We can look up and rejoice for when that day comes, once and for all,

Our redemption draweth nigh and we will hear the trumpets call.

Even so Lord Jesus come.

We are ready to go home.

Copyright ©2008
~By Nancy Carico Dittert
Aka~ Pastor Nancie-rose

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