I am a widow.  My love died very unexpectedly of probably an aneurism.  
He was my best friend, companion confidant.  While falling asleep lately I was thinking how nice it would have been had my Louis had a body zipper.

I could have unzipped and crawled way inside to be surrounded by his love, his gentleness, his strength, his warmth, his courage, his wisdom, his goodness; I would be safe, warm and so loved and protected. I seem to hear the Spirit just before sleep.

After my zipper whimsy I instantly knew that this is how we must come to know our Lord Jesus Christ.  We need an intimate relationship.  We must work to gain that safety in Christ, the desire to be surrounded by His goodness.

To overcome self and love Him more then ourselves so our identity can be lost in Him. Then we can abide in his love.  That's our belief in celestial glory.  So we gain our place in heaven by becoming lost in His glory. 

I like that.  Now to study, pray, work; to know my Lord ever better. 

OK, then we can truly be the Bride
of Christ. 

I may be getting it.  Maybe other widows can understand this analogy.  If it helps
that is good. 

May the Lord add his blessing.

Carolyn Guay
Oct. 12, 2004

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LOUIS & CAROLYN~ SOULMATES Taken 3 wks. before his leaving.